Keynote Speech - FerroAlloyNet 7th International Vanadium Products Summit

Posted: Mon, 17 Sep 2018 08:36:00 GMT [519 days ago]
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Summary: At : am on September , keynote speech of FerroAlloyNet th International Vanadium Products Summit began officially. On that day, there were four main parts: domestic exp...
Voice Broadcast At 9:00 am on September 13, keynote speech of FerroAlloyNet 7th International Vanadium Products Summit began officially. On that day, there were four main parts: domestic expert keynote speech, domestic forum speech, international expert keynote speech and international forum speech.

First of all, Mr.Yang Caifu from CISRI (Central Iron and Steel Research Institute) brought us the speech called "Application of Vanadium in China Rebars". Mr. Yang analyzed the trend of vanadium demand in the rebar market in recent decades based on the output and application of different grades of rebars in China, as well as the current market situation of steel produced by different production processes. Finally, he predicted the situation of vanadium market after the implementation of the new standard with the new rebar standard as the entry point.

As the market is highly concerned about the tight supply of vanadium and whether the emerging industry will increase the demand for vanadium, FerroAlloyNet invited Mr.Zhang Huamin from Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences as the guest of the conference, whose topic is the "Industrialization and Challenge of VRB Energy Storage Technology".Mr.Zhang, the lead researcher of this project in China, analyzed the advantages and potential market of VRBs, indicating that the high vanadium price is a huge challenge for this emerging industry.

The increase of vanadium price is greatly influenced by environmental protection.FerroAlloyNet also invited Professor Zhang Bo from ACADEMY OF ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING & DESIGN CO., LTD,NANJING UNIVERSITY to deliver a keynote speech called "Progress and Prospect of Environmental Management of Industrial Enterprises Under the Background of Pollution Prevention and Control".Professor Zhang analyzed three new aspects of the current environmental protection policy, namely, the new situation of environmental protection, the new changes of environmental regulation and the new trend of environmental inspection. He explained the necessity of environmental protection and the convenience of environmental protection auditing for enterprises, and found a relative balance between the environmental protection policy and the enterprise economy.

After the break, the part of domestic peak forum began formally, The guests included Yang Caifu from CISRI, Ms. Chen Xuehui from CISRI, Mr.Ran Jun from Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd., Professor Zhang Bo from ACADEMY OF ENVIRONMENTAL PLANNING & DESIGN CO., LTD,NANJING UNIVERSITY. The forum was hosted by  Zhu Tingting, FerroAlloyNet Vanadium Product Analyst.

The forum topics included: the impact of environmental policies on vanadium industry chain, production situation and development trend of vanadium extraction from stone coal,how much influence of the new rebar standard on vanadium consumption and price,development of VRBa and forecast of vanadium demand, whether there is possibility of the import of vanadium slag under the condition of shortage of domestic supply, and vanadium market analysis and the price forecasts for 2018.

At 14:00 PM, the part was an international special session. First, "the Global Vanadium Market" was presented by Mr.Terry Perles of TTP Squared, Inc.Mr.Terry Perles analyzed the global vanadium market from the aspects of supply and demand, production, application, substitution and prediction.

Following was the speech "Australian Vanadium Market" by Mr.Vincent Algar from Australian Vanadium Ltd. The speech made a brief analysis of Australian vanadium market in Australia and Mr.Vincent Algar also made a brief analysis and summary of the domestic speeches presented in the morning, combining with the international market.

After the 20-minute break, the international forum began. The guests and the content: Mr. Terry Perles of U.S. TTP Squared, Inc.shared with us about vanadium production technology and its sharing in energy industry, such as battery and aerospace industry, and how many foreign manufacturers of vanadium pentoxide or ammonium metavanadate can export to China); Mr. Diego of Russian Evraz group briefly introduced the current production situation, whether to increase the output to meet the needs of the market, and whether Evraz can stabilize the price of vanadium products in the world; Mr. Vincent Algar introduced briefly their high-grade Gabanitha vanadium project; Dr. Li yu of VANITEC made a brief description of the technology trend of vanadium industry in the future, and its cutting-edge application. Mr. Malcolm Curror, from Bushveld Vametco, a South African manufacturer of vanadium-nitrogen, explained the current production situation and their expansion plans.

The perfect ending of the two major domestic and international forums and the speech marked the successful conclusion of FerroAlloyNet 7th International Vanadium Products Summit. The representatives of domestic and foreign enterprises attended the meeting and took a group photo. The participants agreed to meet each other at the next meeting.

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