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Cango Metalfor VIP members

Products/Services: TitaniumAluminumTungstenMolybdenumVanadiumManganeseSiliconBase MetalsChromeNickelIron OreNiobiumFeNbCopper OreZinc OreBauxiteNickel MetalFerro NickelFerro MolybdenumFerro TungstenFerro TitaniumChromium MetalFerro ChromeFerro VanadiumFerro SiliconSilicon ManganeseFerro ManganeseManganese Metal
Cango's beginning can be traced back to late 1950' s with copper mining and beneficiation. A push towards the west resulted in Corporate HQ being from Switzerland. This Platform gave the f...

Turkey Turkey

SM Niryat Pvt Ltdfor VIP members

Products/Services: SiliconIron OreSteelPig IronFerro Silicon
SM Niryat’s inception as a partnership firm goes back way into the year 2004 as a goods transport enterprise of raw material like Steel (specially Iron Ore ) finished products made of Steel ...

India India

DILA EGYPTfor VIP members

Products/Services: Iron Ore
Dila Egypt is one of the fastest growing providers of transportation logistics services in Egypt. The group is involved in Manufacturing, Mining, Trading, Farming, Construction Hospitality activit...

Egypt Egypt

Part Gowalfor VIP members

Products/Services: SiliconChromeFerro ChromeSilicon Metal
We coordinate the activities of the company in the mining trading of metal non-metal minerals. Besides the management and harmonization of the different units, the aim of the company is constant d...

Iran (Islamic Republic of) Iran (Islamic Republic of)

LAIV Limitedfor VIP members

Products/Services: AluminumVanadiumManganeseManganese OreBauxite
Laiv Ltd steelmet is a subsidiary of PT SteelMet Group based in Lugano, Switzerland which has operations in many countries through its subsidiaries operating in mining, bulk commodities and metall...

Hong Kong Hong Kong


Products/Services: TitaniumZirconZircon OreTitanium Ore
Deals With Import/Export Of Minerals Globally Finances Purchases For The Consumers In CIS Countries, In South­ East Asia, Western And Eastern Europe, North and South America We closely coopera...

Singapore Singapore

SG Comercio Exterior SAfor VIP members

Products/Services: ManganeseIron OreManganese Ore
We are a company made up of professionals with extensive experience who provide personalized attention, aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. Committed to achieving an agile, efficient and f...

Brazil Brazil

The Khan Partnership LLPfor VIP members

Products/Services: ManganeseIron OreManganese Ore
We are a true international practise and have advised on multiparty, cross-border cases across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the USA. Our lawyers are fluent in many languages. Clients ...

United Kingdom United Kingdom

UnitedYou Ventures FZE LLC.for VIP members

Products/Services: Base MetalsChromeZirconIron OreSteel
UnitedYou Ventures FZE LLC offer products, services for Mining, Oil Gas sector in Middle East and Africa.

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates

Pentagon Resources Pty (Ltd)for VIP members

Products/Services: ManganeseChromeIron OreChrome OreFerro ChromeFerro ManganeseManganese OreSilicon Manganese
Pentagon Resources is an independently owned primary raw material distribution business with over 25 years of experience in the industry. We are a leading supplier of Ores, Ferro-Alloys, Base Meta...

South Africa South Africa

NPIChem BVfor VIP members

Products/Services: ManganeseManganese Ore
We provide procurement services and provide, for example, mining minerals, piping material, rotary equipment, electrical equipment, measuring instruments, fixed equipment, water treatment plant an...

Netherlands Netherlands

Gemini Corporation NVfor VIP members

Products/Services: TitaniumManganeseChromeZirconSteelZircon OreTitanium OreChrome OreManganese Ore
Gemini Corporation N.V. is one of the world’s largest circular economy market makers. Since 1989, Gemini has been engaged in worldwide sourcing and distribution of recyclable and reusable pl...

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Raznoimport (UK) Limitedfor VIP members

Products/Services: AluminumChromeNickelNickel OreFerro NickelCopper OreZinc OreLead OreChromium MetalChrome OreFerro Chrome
Raznoimport (UK) Ltd, London and MIDURAL Group have agreed on and signed a 10-year exclusive offtake agreement for low carbon / ultra-low carbon ferrochrome and chrome metal produced by Kluchevsky...

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Kuwait Ferro Alloysfor VIP members

Products/Services: ManganeseSiliconIron OreSteelFerro ManganeseManganese OreSilicon MetalCaSiSilicon SlagFerro SiliconSilicon ManganeseFerro ChromeFerro VanadiumFerro MolybdenumMagnesium Oxide
Established in 2007, targeting the Ferro Silicon production of 75% purity grade with a starting annual production of 10,000 Mt which is expected be increasing to 14,000 Mt by the year of 2016. Our...

Kuwait Kuwait


Products/Services: Manganese OreChrome OreFerro Chrome
United Import and Export is a full-service commodity trading company handling Iron and Steel Products,Chrome, Coal and Manganese from originaton and marketng to financing and logistcs.We provide a...

South Africa South Africa

Alfa Commodities Ltdfor VIP members

Products/Services: ManganeseManganese Ore
Alfa Commodities specialises in sourcing, trading and shipping bulk minerals world-wide. We involve ourselves in all areas of the supply chain from inland logistics and ocean freight to final deliv...

United Kingdom United Kingdom

U.S. Vanadium LLCfor VIP members

Products/Services: VanadiumVanadium PentoxideAmmonium Metavanadate
U.S. Vanadium LLC produces and sells a range of specialty vanadium chemicals, including the highest-purity Vanadium Pentoxide (“V2O5“) in the world. The company is comprised of global l...

United States United States

Vanadium Resources Limitedfor VIP members

Products/Services: VanadiumVanadium PentoxideVanadium Ore
Vanadium Resources is developing a Vanadium mine in the famous Bushveld Complex. This world-class resource boasts the world’s highest grades of all undeveloped resources. The company ASX list...

Australia Australia

Fair Commodities Trading SAfor VIP members

Products/Services: ManganeseManganese Ore
Fair Commodities Trading SA is the supplier of Brazil manganese ore.

Switzerland Switzerland

MAN Corpfor VIP members

Products/Services: ManganeseBase MetalsChromeChrome OreManganese Ore
MAN Investments was founded on the basis of providing the most efficient and economic trade solution for both producers and end users within the non-ferrous and ferrous commodity field; no matter ...

United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
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