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Sep 23  Output disruptions drive China Mg prices to fresh highs

Sep 18  Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Sep 17  China's Yunnan Aluminium cuts output on energy curbs

Sep 9  Dalian coking coal rally loses steam; iron ore erases 2021 gains

2:31 AM  South African mines to spend up to R40-billion to ditch Eskom

Sep 23  Delft residents value electricity but fear it could soon be switched off again

Sep 22  Soweto power protests continue

Sep 18  Legal challenges mount over SA’s 2 000MW Risk Mitigation IPP Procurement Programme

Sep 16  Solar power set to reduce Pan African’s reliance on Eskom by 30%

Business Movement  »  

Sep 17  Eskom considers generator transplant between the Kusile and Medupi stations


Sep 14  Bids sought for socioeconomic study into Eskom’s coal repowering and repurposing plan

Sep 10  ‘No more government bailouts’ for SOEs: Public Works DG

Sep 10  MPs suggest nationalization to make Tata Steel cleaner, sustainable

Magnesium Metal Market Analysis »
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3:28 AM  Magnesium price is stable at a high level, and market is quiet

8:08 AM  Analysis of magnesium metal operating rate and output in Xinjiang in September 2021

Sep 22  With the help of dual control system of total energy consumption and energy intensity, the quotation of magnesium ingots rose to more than 60,000 CNY/T

Sep 18  Magnesium Metal Weekly Review during 13-18 September 2021

Sep 18  Magnesium prices rose slightly, and the market closing atmosphere is strong

Sep 7  European magnesium price rises to the highest level in many years

Aug 3  Export statistics and analysis of magnesium metal products in June

Jul 21  Export volume of magnesium ingots in June 2021

Jul 9  The export transaction of magnesium ingots is light

Jul 1  Export statistics and analysis on magnesium metal products in May

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2:37 AM  China magnesium metal export price on 24 September 2021

Sep 23  China magnesium metal export price on 23 September 2021

Sep 22  China magnesium metal export price on 22 September 2021

Sep 18  China magnesium metal export price on 18 September 2021

Sep 17  China magnesium metal export price on 17 September 2021

Apr 23  European ferroalloy prices on 20 April. 2012

Feb 9  European ferroalloy prices on 9 Feb. 2012

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2:37 AM  China magnesium metal market price on 24 September 2021

Sep 23  China magnesium metal market price on 23 September 2021

Sep 22  China magnesium metal market price on 22 September 2021

Sep 18  China magnesium metal market price on 18 September 2021

Sep 17  China magnesium metal market price on 17 September 2021

Sep 23  Magnesium metal 99.90 price by Shaanxi Sanxin Group Industrial Co., Ltd.

Sep 23  Magnesium metal 99.9 price by Wenxi Xinda Magnesium Business Co., Ltd.

Sep 22  Magnesium metal price by Shanxi Bada Magnesium Co., Ltd.

Sep 22  Magnesium metal 99.90 price by Inner Mongolia Baotou Jinxing Alloy Co., Ltd.

Sep 22  Magnesium metal 99.9 price by Wenxi Xinda Magnesium Business Co., Ltd.

European Prices  » American Prices  »

Jan 13  European magnesium metal price on 12 Jan 2021

Jan 12  European magnesium metal price on 11 Jan 2021

Jan 8  European magnesium metal price on 7 Jan 2021

Jan 6  European magnesium metal price on 5 Jan 2021

Jan 5  European magnesium metal price on 4 Jan 2021

Dec 6  American ferroalloy prices on 6 December 2012

Jul 7  American ferroalloy prices on 6 July 2011

Jan 21  LME metal closing prices on 20 January 2011

Dec 13  American ferroalloy prices on 10 December 2010

Dec 10  American ferroalloy prices on 9 December 2010

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Magnesium Metal Trade Leads »
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8:20 AM  Supply magnesium ingot

8:19 AM  Supply magnesium metal

8:18 AM  Supply magnesium ingot

Sep 23  Supply desulfurizer

Sep 23  Supply of nickel-magnesium, copper-magnesium alloys

Sep 23  Supply magnesium metal

Sep 22  Supply magnesium metal

Sep 22  Supply desulfurizer

Sep 22  Supply of nickel-magnesium, copper-magnesium alloys

Sep 18  Supply magnesium metal

Aug 13  Long-term purchase used transformers, power distribution cabinets, motors, and cables

Aug 13  Perennial high-priced recover waste conductive copper tiles, copper tubes, bus bars, copper bars, electric furnace transformers, motors, power distribution cabinets, and warehouse backlog materials and equipment

Aug 13  Long-term purchase used electric furnace transformers, high and low voltage power distribution cabinets

Aug 13  Buy magnesium ingot 99.9%

Jul 9  Looking for new suppliers for all of following ferroalloys

Jun 25  Long-term purchase magnesium ingots, magnesium powder, magnesium alloy exports

Apr 28  Buy magnesium ingot

Apr 26  Buy magnesium ingot

Apr 21  Buy magnesium ingot

Apr 19  Buy magnesium ingot

Latest Cooperation Leads  » Latest Agent Leads  »

Jan 8  Double roller crusher

Jan 8  China professional roll alloy steel crusher spare parts

Jan 8  High Manganese Liner plate steel wear plate for crusher

Dec 22  Graphite Electrode Support

Dec 22  Graphite rotor support

Dec 22  Graphite crucible support

Dec 22  supply graphite discs

Dec 22  Graphite Machining Parts

Dec 22  Supply Graphite Mould

Nov 4  Automatic High-speed Folder Gluer Machine

Magnesium Metal Companies »
Mine  » Trader  »

Kenya  Infusion Logigistics (k) Ltd

Australia  NMI(Nautilus Minerals Inc)

Nigeria  First Alliance Nigeria limited

Colombia  geoexplorations

China (Mainland)  Guizhou Bhp Metal Chemical Co., Ltd

China (Mainland)  Shaanxi Tongyuan Business Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Baifeng Building Material Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Nelu Metal Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Dongguan Weida Waste Recycling Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Linyi Jinlei Ferroalloy Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Shenzhen Yingda Precious Metal Scrap Recycling Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Shanghai Luxine Trading Co., Ltd

China (Mainland)  Dandong Huikang Technology And Trade Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Shaanxi Dongtai Asset Management Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Changshu Yongjiu Ferroalloy Sales Co., Ltd.

FerroAlloy Plant  » Steel Mill  »

China (Mainland)  Jiangsu Bat Metal Products Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Urumqi Lixinxiang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Xinzheng Xinhui Iron and Steel Processing Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Zhenjiang Langhua Rare Earth Materials Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Linyi Mining Group Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Emeishan Chenbang Chemical Material Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Urumqi Lixinxiang Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Fugu County Huashun Magnesium Industry Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Shanghai Bao Ha Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Baosteel Resources International Company Limited


India  Jindal Saw Limited

Agent  » Logistics Company  »

South Korea  Philhyun Trading


South Africa  Global Trade


China (Mainland)  Shanghai Shengxin Warehousing Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Airship Shipping Company Limited

Venezuela  INGPROSEG

South Africa  Barak Logistics

Brazil  MRSSA

South Africa  Ultimum group

South Africa  Grindrod Intermodal South Africa

Mozambique  Maputo Port Development Company (MPDC)

India  Pacific dragon

South Korea  Polaris Shipping Co., Ltd.

Equipment Manufacturer  » Inspection Authority  »

China (Mainland)  Henan Liming Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd.


China (Mainland)  Shaanxi ASTTAR Explosion-proof Safety Technology Co., Ltd.

China (Mainland)  Henan Winner Vibrating Equipment Co., Ltd.

Spain  Talleres Felipe Verdés

China (Mainland)  JiangXi HengCheng Mining Equipment Co.,Ltd

India  Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited

China (Mainland)  Xiamen Fuyin Machinery Co., Ltd

China (Mainland)  Xiamen Fuyin Machinery Co., Ltd.

India  Koppern Maco Services Pvt Ltd

Research Institute  » Association  »

Egypt  Central Metallurgical R&D Institute

South Africa  Transnet Freight Rail

India  Geovale

Australia  RFC Ambrian

China (Mainland)  Shizuishan Power Supply Bureau of Ningxia Electric Power Company

Australia  ARG Ltd

Canada  Hatch

Broker  »  

Greece  SinoSila Shipping Trading & Consultants Co. Ltd

Philippines  palmtrade marine services and trading


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