FerroAlloyNet 4th Annual Summit-2017 Ferroalloy Industry Outlook Date: 8-10 December, 2016       Venue: Days Hotel Suites Dading Chengdu
Conference Focus

FerroAlloyNet 2016-12-8: FerroAlloyNet 4th Annual Summit business talk session was officially opened at 2:00 pm. Meanwhile the delegates arrived at the venue one after another. This summit is involved in various kinds of products like manganese, chrome, nickel, tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, magnesium metal, ferrosilicon, etc. Learning from the previous events, we divide the business talk area into different parts by communality and difference of products. The conference staffs serve the attendees to meet matchable clients and conduct business talk with the right knowledge of the industry.

More than 300 delegates from domestic and international countries participated in this conference, which includes steel mills, ferroalloy plants, mining companies, traders, inspection authority, logistics companies, equipment manufacturers, research institute, associations etc. And they provided hundreds of purchasing and sale demands. Some of the enterprises has reached a primary intent of cooperation. Enterprises display has also become one of the highlights. Exhibition banners have reached over 40 for delegates to take photo to seek for potential businesses. People appreciate these kinds of simple, direct and clear promotion. As the organizer this time, Ferroalloynet hope that it can provide more cooperation opportunities for enterprises to do trading and investing.

We look forward to meeting again in March Chrome&Nickel Conference 2017 together!


Ferroalloynet General Manager Chen Xiaofeng

Conference Registration
Welcome Banquet
Keynote Speech

Analysis of the Steel Industry Trend in 2017

Wang Guoqing from Lange Steel Information Research Center

Discussion on Development Pattern and Future Trend of China Stainless Steel Industry

Lin Jun from Baosteel Stainless Steel Co., Ltd

Internet Plus Ferroalloy FerroAlloyNet's First Try of E-commerce

Zhang Shengshu from Ferroalloynet

Outlook of China Ferroalloy Market in 2017

Li Qiang from China National Association of Metal Material Trade Furnace Charge Branch

The Credit Risk Control in Low Grade Ferronickel Enterprises

Ma Huailu from China Chengtong International Co., LTD

The Spring of Chrome

Balance Between Supply and Demand-Dong Chen from Traxys


Atilla T. Alptekin from AK METAL

Global Manganese Alloy Market-A Supply and Demand Angle

Bai Kai from CRU

Emerging Australian Manganese Production Opportunities

Liam Twigger from PCF Capital Group
Conference Tour

Special thanks to all of you the participants of FerroAlloyNet 4th Annual Summit and those who support FerroAlloyNet International Business Limited regularly. Thanks to your support to our company, this conference received great recognition of many companies. We will continue to improve ourselves aiming to provide a better trade platform for customers and better on-site service.

If you were unable to attend our conference due to your tight schedule, but would like to reach all the participants and get to know the exact information shared by the industry experts and industry leaders, we have Electronic-version materials (presentation, delegate list and trade lead directory) of the FerroAlloyNet 4th Annual Summit for you.

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