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Market Outlook
Provide Latest news about manganese markets
Barrier Free Trading Platform
Build a trading platform for free business talks between manganese upstream and downstream insiders
In-depth Analysis
Pinpoint the cutting-edge topics, analyze market situation from all aspects.
Industrial Gathering
Gather hundreds of manganese representatives and Industry experts
Expand Business Network
Assist participants to meet find the buyers/sellers for participants.
Company Promotion
Excellent promotional opportunities could be provided to enhance company reputation and products.
Conference Prophase: Demand-Supply Classification, resources marching
10 September Registration, Trade Negotiation
Hotel Lobby Registration, Receiving Conference Materials
14:00-17:30 Trade Negotiation
One-to-One Customer Introduction Service
Join Hands with Tianjin Hua Rong International Logistics Co., Ltd.
Grand Welcome Dinner
11 September   Speech 
9:00-9:50 Analysis of the Development of China's Steel in the Later Stage – Shi Hongwei, Metallurgical Industry Director, Economic Development Research Center
9:50-10:35 Present Situation Analysis of Manganese Ore Market –Mr. Arnaud Tissidre, Manganese Products Senior Vice President of Business, Eramet Comilog Group
10:35-10:55 Rest
10:55-11:30 Discussion on the Survival Strategies of Manganese Alloy Enterprise–Huang Lu, General Manager, Inner Mongolia Erdos EJM Manganese Alloy Co., Ltd.
11:30-12:00 Analysis of Brazil Local Manganese Ore Market – Mr. Bernardo Silva, CEO, MANGANES BRASIL S/A
12:00-14:00 Lunch and Rest
14:00-15:00 Forecast the Development of 2016 China Manganese Market – Li Qiang, Secretary General, China Stainless Steel Association
15:00-15:50 Analysis of Electric Power Demand and Future Situation of Manganese Alloy – He Qinghua, Media Operations Director, China Power Media Group
15:50-16:10 Rest
16:10-16:40 Data Inventory and Market Outlook Analysis of Manganese Metal – Yang Xinxi, Product Manager, FerroAlloyNet Domestic Electrolytic Manganese Department
16:40-17:10 Review and Forecast of the Australian Manganese Ore Market in Recent Years – Du Yinlin, Product Manager, Ferroalloynet International Business Department
17:10-17:20 Sum up the theme of this meeting and give a clear direction for the development of the manganese market
18:00-20:00 Appreciation Dinner
After Conference: Continue to update needs and tracking service
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