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We are since 1959 in operation. Our activities are in import, stockist and distribution. Trading arm reaches over all continents.
Group 1
Metals materials (Falcon Metals ou, Erikoisteras Oy)
Ferrous products:
Hot and cold rolled steel
Galvanized steel, coils, strips, sheets
Aluzinc coated steel, coils, strips
Electric steel, coils and strips
Ppig in coils, sheets, strips
Flat bars from continuous casting
Super alloys and alloyed steel.
Duplex and 6 mo steels
- heat / fire resistant steels
- tool steels
- special hard steels
- nickel-and cobolt super alloys
- aluminium and-alloys
- bronze and copper also in special alloys I. E. Beryllium copper.
Special metals: Titanium, Titanium Sponge (TGTV, TG100, TG110, TG120) , zirconium, tantalum, niobium, rhodium, tungsten, molybdenum etc.
Materials for steel industry:
We are strong in ferro-alloys and steel scrap
Feti70, feti30-40. Sizes upon order.
Fev, fenb, few, feni, femn
Titanium Sponge, TG90, TG100, TG110, TG120, TGTV.
A) Non-ferrous Scrap metals.
Copper: Berry, Candy, Birch-Cliff, Cliff, unalloyed copper scraps. Alloyed CuNi and other alloyed i. E. Beryllium copper.
- Brass: Honey, Ocean, others
- Aluminium: Tense, Taint-Tabor, Talon, UBC, -Shredded Aluminiun scrap.
- Nickel and Alloyed nickel scraps
- Cobalt and alloyed cobalt scraps
- Alloyed titanium scraps, turnings, pipes, sheets.
- Alloyed metals scrap in general, please ask our opinion.
- metal scraps
- Rhodium, Palladium, Hafnium, Gallium
Other non-ferrous scraps
B) Ferrous scraps
Steel scrap, HMS1, HMS 1 / 2, , shredded
Used Rails scrap for rerolling, rails scrap, other steel and iron scrap.
- half moon pipes
- steel and alloyed steel turnings
- Cast iron scrap and cast iron scrap turnings.
Metal Ores and Concentrates prime and scrap ores / concentrates of Copper, Lead, Iron, Manganese, Chrome
Mn, Cr and Iron ore. Mn ore min 44% lumpy material. Cr ore and cr concentrate. We have interest in cu and lead ores / concentrates.
Group 2
Crude oil and refined oil products trade (Falcon Fuel ltd. Oy Falcon cChemiacls ABb, Falcon Sales Associates LLC) .
We are in trade of crude oil REBCO maily but also light crudes KUMKOL and oil products (gasoil, fuel oil, bunker oil) from Russia, Kazakhstan, some African. We are ready to discuss with large consumers. Others LPG, gas condensate.
Group 3
Bio energy. In form of wood chips, pellets etc. We have supply from scandinavia and have interest to supply these items to consumers. Energy mills-technology.
Do not hesitate to ask our opinion in any of the above mentioned categories or in categories mentioned at our website.
Company Profile
Basic Information
Company Name: FALCON CORP
Company Category: Global Enterprise
Products/Services: Ferro ManganeseVanadiumTitaniumFeNb
Leader: -
Country/Region: Finland Finland
Province/State: -
City: -
Street Address: Mannerheimintie 15ab, Helsinki, Finland (00260)
Contact Us
Local Time: Saturday, April 21, 2018 10:52:25 PM
Telephone: 358-9-25192010
Fax: 358-9-25192019
MobilePhone: 358-50-3383734
Email: Email
Contact: Mr. Mikael Keinonen Mikael Keinonen

Tue, 10 Jul 2007 16:40:21 GMT

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