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Country/Region: Brazil

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Full Comex Trading / Manganes Brasilfor VIP members

Products/Services: Manganese OreIron Ore
we have a mining company of Manganese ore in Brazil we are able to export worldwide one of the biggest in Brazil

Brazil Brazil

Egmx miningfor VIP members

Products/Services: Manganese Ore
The EGMX - EMPRESA GUIRATINGUENSE DE MINERAÇÃO LTDA, is a company on mining line aimed to trading, commerce, exporting, extracting and processing of manganese, being on the other line...

Brazil Brazil


Products/Services: Manganese OreIron OrePig Iron
The MULTICOMMERCE, besides working in the trading of ores in general, steel products and pig iron, develops its own projects in the mineral area and also third party projects in partnership, workin...

Brazil Brazil

CBMMfor VIP members

Products/Services: VanadiumVanadium PentoxideVanadium NitrogenNiobiumFeNb
CBMM is the world's premier supplier of niobium products. A privately held Brazilian company, CBMM (Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineracao) was founded in 1955 in Araxa, Minas Gerais, Brazi...

Brazil Brazil

Largo Resources Ltdfor VIP members

Products/Services: VanadiumVanadium PentoxideVanadium OreMolybdenumTungstenSteel
Largo Resources Ltd. (TSX:LGO) (OTCQB:LGORF) is a mid-tier mining development company primarily focused on the production of vanadium at its Maracás Menchen Mine in Brazil. Largo has accompl...

Brazil Brazil

Goldmex Brasil Groupfor VIP members

Products/Services: Manganese Ore
Our company is a group of companies involved with Trading Company, International Logistics and Mining. We are currently exporting manganese ore to China, and would like to know more information abo...

Brazil Brazil

Valente Marmi Brazil ltdafor VIP members

Products/Services: ManganeseManganese OreNickel OreFerro NickelSteelIron Ore
We of Valente group are Italian company with Brazilian Branch where we mines minerals and trade commodities like Iron ore , Manganese ore, Steel , nickel Cathodes , Ferro Nickel. your kind orders a...

Brazil Brazil

Pingo De Ouro Madeiras Ltdafor VIP members

Products/Services: Manganese OreTitanium OreCopper Ore
We are manufacturer supplier of Copper ore, Manganese ore, Tin ore, Titanium ore, Silica sand and Timber wood, All materials origin Brazil. Please feel free to contact us if you have any requiremen...

Brazil Brazil

FASA GROUPfor VIP members

Products/Services: Manganese MetalChrome Ore
The group FASA is a national venture capital essentially is present in several Brazilian states in various sectors of the economy, especially in mining and metallurgy of non-ferrous metals. The org...

Brazil Brazil

DiPaolo Consulting & Brokeragefor VIP members

Products/Services: Manganese Ore
DIPAOLO Consulting Brokerage is a private company, based in São Francisco do Sul city - South Region of Brazil. At the same town, the port of São Francisco do Sul has an expressive ex...

Brazil Brazil


Products/Services: VanadiumVanadium PentoxideFerro VanadiumMolybdenumMolybdic OxideAmmonium MolybdateMolybdenum ConcentrateFerro MolybdenumTungstenTungsten OreTungsten ConcentrateFerro TungstenNiobiumFeNb
RFMC International is located in São Paulo (Brazil)… We are well known in the metal business as a professional international representation handling office with industry experience, e...

Brazil Brazil

Brazil Manganese Corporationfor VIP members

Products/Services: Manganese Ore
Brazil Manganese Corporation (BMC) is Meridian’s flagship manganese project in Rondônia. It is already producing and selling high-quality manganese oxide from surface colluvium while ge...

Brazil Brazil


Products/Services: TitaniumTitanium OreFerro TitaniumIron Ore
Dear's We are distributors of Ore, we have in our stocks 90 thousand tons of Ilmenite Ore with 50% content - by-product of the Cassiterita rock line. We also have Iron Ore 62% to 64%, 70 thousand t...

Brazil Brazil


Products/Services: None
MRS Logística is a Brazilian concessionary that controls, operates and monitors the Southeastern Federal Railroad Network. The company has been in operation in cargo railway transportation s...

Brazil Brazil

Valefor Trial and Payed members

Products/Services: Manganese Ore
We are a leading producer of manganese, an essential steelmaking input, and also of ferroalloys – combinations of iron and one or more chemical elements, such as manganese itself. Nearly 90% ...

Brazil Brazil

BrCom commoditiesfor VIP members

Products/Services: Iron Ore
We supply iron ore from Brazil.

Brazil Brazil


Products/Services: Silicon Metal
Há mais de uma década a Multiligas consolida a sua solidez no mercado nacional de ferro-ligas e ligas especiais. Com capacidade para uma logística avançada e eficiente, ...

Brazil Brazil

Biogold Investment Fundfor VIP members

Products/Services: Iron Ore
Biogold Investment Fund is a private investment fund with its main focus being assets generated or acquired by Biominer, a mining prospection company which is a part of the group. Biogold is respon...

Brazil Brazil

Panamax Capital llcfor VIP members

Products/Services: Manganese OreChrome OreNickel OreTitanium OreIron Ore
Panamax Capital is a private, global merchant bank providing capital markets, MA, and principal finance services to our clients in the Americas, Asia, and Europe. We focus on the large sectors such...

Brazil Brazil

Starwell Trading LLCfor VIP members

Products/Services: Iron Ore
Starwell Trading can supply high quality iron products from Venezuela, in South America. We can supply Iron Ore, Hot Briquetted Iron (HBI), Iron Fines, and others. Iron briquettes are produced by r...

Brazil Brazil
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