American CuMo Mining Corporation (CuMoCo)

American CuMo Mining Corporation (CuMoCo) first originated as a Canadian natural resource exploration and development company called Mosquito Consolidated Gold Mines Limited (Mosquito). In 1991 management assumed control of Mosquito Creek Gold Mining Company Limited and its high potential Mosquito Creek Claim in Eastern British Columbia, hence its original name. Over the ensuing decade, Mosquito undertook a strategic program to purchase and option high-potential properties in low political risk environments in North America and Australia. In October 2012, the Company completed a management change with a newly elected board of directors and a new focus on its 100% owned CuMo Project, a massive Molybdenum, Copper and Silver deposit located in central Idaho, USA. The name of the Company was changed to American CuMo Mining Corporation to reflect this change and the importance of this world class project.

CuMoCo named a new chief executive officer, former CuMo project manager Shaun Dykes, and elected a new slate of directors that includes two prominent Idaho business leaders – Forsgren Associates principal John Moeller, Ph.D., as well as attorney and Northwest Mining Association board member Joseph Baird, a partner of Baird Hanson, LLP. In addition to the election of Moeller and Baird, CuMoCo has appointed Hongxue Fu as Executive Chairman of the Board.

CuMoCo is now diligently working on advancing its CuMo Project towards feasibility and is proud of its commitment to sustainable development together with environmental stewardship. With its open pit design and large economies of scale, the Company is confident of achieving its goal of establishing the CuMo Project as one of the largest and lowest-cost molybdenum producers in the world, as well as a significant producer of copper and silver. With a professional, dedicated team and new funding in place, management is confident that it is on the path of realizing the potential of the CuMo Project.

CuMoCo has discovered one of the largest deposits of molybdenum, copper, silver, tungsten and rhenium in North America near Boise, Idaho, USA. The CuMo Project is advancing towards feasibility with the goal of being one of the world’s largest and lowest-cost primary producers of molybdenum

CuMoCo owns 100% of the CuMo Project, which is not only rich in molybdenum, but also contains very significant credits of copper, silver, tungsten, and rhenium; in fact, enough tungsten and rhenium (critical USA minerals) to make it the largest in the USA and enough silver to place it among the Top 25 silver deposits on the planet.


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